Man Designs An Escalator Fire Truck

[fblike]A retired man believes he has come up with a better mouse trap … or should we say a better ladder truck?

According to an article at Gizmodo Australia, ladder trucks haven’t changed much since they were deployed back in the 1880s. Denison told Gizmodo that “It’s ridiculous to climb up, put someone on your shoulders, and climb down. There had to be a faster way.”

Denison’s ladder would be able to reach heights of over 110 feet and extend at a speed of about 200 feet per minute. Instead of climbing the ladder to make a rescue, a firefighter would ride the ladder as it extends to a window target, load the victim into some sort of bag, retract the ladder to bring the victim to safety. So in other words, instead of using several firefighters to rescue one victim in about 15 minutes, Denison claims his method could rescue four victims in less than four minutes!

Do you think Mr Denison is onto something or is he a complete quack? Read more about it over at Gizmodo and leave your comments below …

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