Is ‘Surface’ In Your Ops Centers Future?

[fblike]I remember seeing Microsoft Surface early last year for the first time. It was bulky, expensive, and one of those tech things that you never see become reality. That’s about to change. At the Consumer Electronic Show yesterday, Microsoft revealed the next generation of Surface. Only this time we have a manufacturer and a price.

Introducing the Samsung SUR40. It’s a 40? thin table top touch screen device running Microsoft Surface. You can have one of these babies for the cost of about $7,600 a piece! Already there are a number of companies jumping in stating they will deploy the devices later this year. Those companies included Dassault Aviation, Fujifilm Corp., Red Bull GmbH, Royal Bank of Canada and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. You can find out more from Microsoft’s press release HERE.

Right off the top of my head I can think wildland firefighting with real-time map tracking of resources, aerial photo overlays from recon aircraft, and more using digitized USGS maps.

Put your thinking caps on. What sorts of applications could you see in emergency management using Microsoft Surface?

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