New Fitness Device Aimed At Firefighters

[fblike]There is a new piece of exercise equipment coming to market on January 11, 2011 that may be of interest to firefighters. It’s called the SledBarrow. The SledBarrow claims that it is a three-in-one conditioning system that combines the power of a drag sled, drive sled and a training wheelbarrow all into one unique design.

Mike Ruffo, a firefighter with the Toronto Fire Department, demonstrates the device in a few new YouTube videos for SledBarrow. Aside from the promotional endorsement Mike is giving SledBarrow, you can definitely see several exercises that can be applied directly to the job of a firefighter and the standardized work performance test. And for those who train for the Firefighter’s Combat Challenge or the World Police & Fire Games, this piece of equipment could help you perform exercises similar to those of professional athletes.

Is this for everyone? Of course not. Nothing is. Is it worth looking at? Absolutely.

The product begins shipping on January 11, 2011 at an introductory sale price of $399 plus shipping, handling, and applicable taxes. You will still need to add weights to the product as it appears non are included. Find out more at

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