New Sony Handycam w/ Built-In Projector

[fblike]The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is like porn to many of us. Weeding through the gadgets separating what’s ‘neat’ from what’s useful can be difficult. However, Sony has come up with something that could be of use to us in the emergency services.

As a person who has worked many years in the fire service and special operations, I can’t tell you how many times I have shot incident video or needed to view raw video on-site. There would be several of us huddled around a small 2.5″ LCD screen attempting to view important video footage. As a traveling instructor, reviewing video footage of live practicals with the students can be cumbersome adapting my equipment to the numerous fire training sites around the world. A real pain in my arse!

Sony has solved these problems with a reasonably priced new Handycam model that has a built-in projector! Now sharing your videos is easier than ever! It’s as simple as shooting your video and then project it right from the projector built in to the flip out LCD. And this convenience will only set you back $699 MSRP.

Check out the Sony video below and let me know what you think …

YouTube Preview Image

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