Oregon Fire Chief Cited In Crash That Destroyed Two Vehicles

[fblike]The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says that Fire District 1 Chief Kevin Henson has been found at fault for a crash while responding to a commercial fire on Dec. 31. An electronic data recorder inside Chief Henson’s SUV state he was traveling 62 mph in a 45 mph at the time of the crash. The real kicker is that he was doing this in the opposing lanes.

The Marion County Traffic Safety Team report states that Chief Henson was using his emergency warning lights and sirens to alert drivers of his vehicle. State law requires public safety drivers to exercise caution as they negotiate through traffic.

A district chief should be the one setting the example for those he supervises. If he is driving at a high rate of speed in opposing traffic it is safe to assume that it is an acceptable practice in his district. He is extremely fortunate that this crash did not seriously injure or kill anyone involved. As a matter of fact, the driver of the truck that Chief Henson struck complained of minor pain, but refused transport. Henson was treated at the hospital and released.

Chief Henson was issued a charged with illegal operation of an emergency vehicle which carries a maximum fine of $287. He has a court date on Feb. 1.

Go to the Statesman Journal for more details on the story.

(Photo Source: Marion County Sheriff’s Office)

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