VIDEO: Summertime Blaze Burns New Zealand School To The Ground

[fblike]A massive fire ripped into 12 buildings at the Auckland’s Glendowie Primary School in New Zealand burning them to the ground. The fire has been determined to be arson. The summertime blaze brought 80 firefighters to the scene. No injuries were reported.

The hot summertime evening air as well as lack of a good water supply hindered operations according to the audio interview in the video below.

From the YouTube video description, NZPA, NEWSTALK ZB:

Fire investigators say a building at Auckland’s Glendowie Primary School was deliberately burned to the ground last night. The massive blaze ripped through a two-storey block of nine classrooms at the rear of the school and up to 20 appliances and 80 firefighters battled the blaze.

The building had no sprinkler system and the smoke could be seen from much of Auckland. Fire safety officer Ray Coleman told NZPA that after investigating the wreckage today the fire had been designated as an arson and police would now be investigating.

“There are too many bits which aren’t quite kosher within the make up of it,” he said. Mr Coleman said he could not discount the use of an accelerant as CCTV footage showed the fire spread rapidly.

However, it was difficult to determine how the fire actually started as the remains were “down to the bare earth. Absolutely totalled”.

The Ministry of Education has pledged its support to the school, which has a roll of about 600.

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