YouTubers Burning Their Christmas Trees A New Post-Holiday Tradition?

[fblike]There seems to be a new annual trend on YouTube consisting of homeowners armed with Flip video cameras burning their Christmas trees in the backyard. As many times as I’ve seen the fire department pre-Christmas fire safety demonstrations of burning a tree, nothing compares to seeing the 30 second flare ups of a post-holiday tree.

Sure, we can sit here and post how unsafe this practice is, local laws violated, or that they’re contributing to green house gases which in turn kill off the polar bears. I’ll leave that argument for the other bloggers and the peanut gallery.

I believe in the positives to posting holiday tree inferno videos. Just look at some of the comments attached to the various videos: “I will never buy a real tree again!!!!!” “I can’t believe someone had that in their house.” “No wonder each year lots of? houses burn down like that.” And of course there is the, “I miss those pre-UL Listed days. Rememebr? your grandparents old fan or portable heater?”

If videos like this is what it takes for people to either take better care of their Christmas trees or better yet, purchase an artificial tree then I say let them post away! When you compare the comments from the traditional fire safety videos to the amateur videos of Christmas trees exploding I would have to say that YouTube viewers seem to be much more impressed.

Is this the fault of fire service life safety education sticking with the traditional demos? The lack of thinking outside the box? How many more times do I need to see a firecracker blow up a watermelon or the hand of a plaster mannequin. Maybe it’s time we update our packaging for the new generation. The amateurs might be doing a better job than we are. Think about it.

Here is a selection of  vids from the hundreds posted this year …

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


  • Eva Flexer says:

    It’s not a new tradition, my family always burnt their Christmas tree on 12th night. After 12 days of Christmas they always did that.Between 1948-1969.

  • sidecharlie says:

    I think what we were attempting to point out was the posting of the burning trees on YouTube is more popular this year. Doing a search revealed only a handful of the vids from last season.

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