‘Diaper Fetish’ Firefighter’s Off-Duty Actions Puts His Department In The News

[fblike]New this morning: CBS4 in Denver is reporting that the Mountain View Fire Protection District’s PIO is on administrative leave following his arrest for sexual assault. The arrest affidavit states that he had diaper fetish over the last year that possibly contributed to his actions and the loss of his marriage. As a result, his department is in the news even though none of his actions took place on-duty.

Three off-duty incidents Jesse Hodgson is accused of are stated in the story: He allegedly exposed his wearing of a diaper to a young girl and wanted her to participate. He is also accused of raping a relative at a party after she admitted to have consumed too much alcohol. A third victim states that he exposed himself to her and touch her inappropriately.

This story as well as many others that appear in the newsfeeds on a daily basis show the stark reality of how the off-duty actions of public safety employees and volunteers has a negative effect on the departments for which they serve. We can argue whether it is right or wrong until the cows come home. Fact is that if your off-duty actions end up getting you charged with something illegal chances are your department will be in the news. We cannot change that fact.

Instead of getting upset at the local tv news station or newspaper, how about we start policing ourselves AND our buddies. If someone needs help, refer them and get them some assistance. If someone has had too much to drink at a party then it’s time to get them out of there and have someone sober drive them home. If someone is going through a divorce, be there for them.

This is not rocket science folks.

Full Story HERE via CBS4 – Denver

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