How Winona Ryder Is Much Like Many Older Guys In The Fire Service We Know …

[fblike]Because you probably were watching Auburn football last night you may have missed Winona Ryder on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Watching this NBC video clip reminds me of many old school guys in the fire department. How? Her knowledge of technology – or lack thereof. She doesn’t own a computer and she’s terrified of Google because “You’re just one button click away from joining Al-Qaeda,” she worries.

She just got an iPhone (just like Verizon) and comments, “I like buttons. I’m still getting used to the touchscreen.” She also hates autocorrect and has trouble using it. It is amazing to see how disconnected and tech-phobic some people really are. I’m sure you have a few gray haired vets in the station that are exactly like … Winona Ryder.

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