New Jersey Pension Board Says Former Harrison Firefighter Is ‘A Cheat, Fraud’

[fblike]Former firefighter Herman Ellis has balls. That’s right. Huge balls. To retire on disability in November 2008 at $2,500 per month moving to Raleigh, NC to work as a firefighter at a salary of $37,000 a year – yes this takes balls. What we have here is a guy stealing from both the government and all of the hard working firefighters in the State of New Jersey. What makes this even worse? He would have gotten away with his little scam had it not been for the steroid investigation we reported on the other day.

This is all according to a news report from the Star-Ledger who has been doing extensive coverage of the steroid scandal in New Jersey.

According to a news story by WRAL in Raleigh, the fire chief there says he defends his firefighter saying Herman hasn’t done anything wrong to warrant a termination. The chief might want to make a few phone calls to investigators before making statements to the media. Just sayin’.

We have no idea what his ultimate punishment will be, probably state jail time. What may be more fitting is to put him in a room with other employees and retirees who he stole from.

(Photo credit WRAL)

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