Amateur Video: Fully, Fully, Fully Involved House In Alabama

[fblike]New video posted on YouTube by nelmore11 (no date on the fire, but we can assume it was yesterday) of a fully involved house. The fire is along a highway out in the middle of nowhere and the structure is almost completely on the ground. Funny thing about amateur videos – they catch you doing interesting things (3:40 in the video) like using an 1 3/4″ hand-line downwind of a house fully involved and on the ground. Dude, just let it burn. Video after the jump …

Because we are bloggers we have the power to assume anything. It’s our destiny. That said, we are going with that this fire was not a controlled burn. Notice the fire engine at the beginning of the vid as their emergency lights are on. One other thing we noticed was the large grass fire – which came first? But whatever the case this sucker is burning!

YouTube Preview Image

Uh oh, I feel a flashback coming on ….

YouTube Preview Image

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