Top 5 Worst Videos Of Firefighters Attempting ‘Crank It Soulja Boy’ Dance

[fblike]Ever seen the movie ‘White Men Can’t Jump?’ Maybe it should also be applied to white volunteer firefighters attempting the ‘Crank It Soulja Boy’ dance. We scoured YouTube to bring you the Top 5 worst attempts of country boy firefighters trying their best to have some sort of rhythm. We realize this dance has been around since Summer 2007, however, we still had one posted by YouTuber 9cummins7 today via his Android phone. We’ll get to his video after the jump …

#5 – Crank That Sparky!

YouTube Preview Image

#4 – Newport Firefighters Doing Soulja Boy

YouTube Preview Image

#3 – Firefighters Do Soulja Boy At High School

YouTube Preview Image

#2 – Crank Dat Fyre Boy

YouTube Preview Image

#1 – Soulja Boy Firefighter Fail!!

YouTube Preview Image


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