Attention Hunters: It Is Illegal To Shoot Pigs Over The Internet Using Robots

We know there is a large number of firefighters to love to hunt! So we knew we just had to share with you this news of a web-controlled shotgun that was to be used to shoot feral hogs in Georgia! This news was spread via a bulletin by the Office of Homeland Security.

According to the Georgia Information Sharing & Analysis Center, “three shotguns were set up on a platform and linked to a Web-accessible camera system that allows the guns to be fired via an Internet connection.” That’s right folks. You would have been able to sit at home in your underwear, on your iPad and shoot feral hogs – remotely.

From what we understand from the article is that several businesses had explored this idea of web hunting which prompted it to be banned in 25 states. The bulletin stated that officers should be aware that they do exist.

Now you know.

Web-controlled guns are illegal [The Augusta Chronicle, via MAKE]

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