DISASTER STRIKES! Live In A FEMA Trailer Or Daiwa’s New EDV-01 Robotic House?

Let’s assume a major hurricane similar to Katrina has struck Louisiana coast wiping out all utility centers, shelters, roads and other sources of relief. FEMA is faced with the reality of housing tens of thousands of people AND providing them electricity, showers, bathrooms and other conveniences that Americans demand. If you were the refugee you may want to hold off jumping for the standard FEMA trailer and opt for new robotic mobile mini house from the folks at Daiwa?

It’s called the EDV-01 Emergency Disaster Vehicle. With a single push of a button the house will set itself up and go into standby mode in just 4 minutes. Each house weighs about 10 tons. This isn’t your Jetson’s house … no sir! This baby has two floors, a restroom, kitchen beds, shower, a refridgerator, solar panels, and satellite data transfer for your cell phone. The solar panel roof charging a battery system will provide about a months worth of energy. The second floor outside skin has LEDs which can be used as signage to mark the home as a command center or direct refugees with messages. The modules can be shipped via helicopter, sea, truck or rail.

There is no cost given for this new robotic house, but if given the option we have voted to take the EDV!

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