Quick Thinking Canadian Firefighter Injured Saving His Son During Roof Collapse

[fblike]Off-duty professional firefighter Corey Scott suffered minor injuries after a snow-laden roof collapsed on them Friday in Spruce Grove, Alberta. His five-year-old son was not hurt as Corey shielded him from the falling debris as they escaped.

Corey and his son were inside the SO-CAL Speed Shop looking for parts to restore a truck. Speaking to the CBC News:

Courtesy of the CBC News

“I wasn’t in the building for 30 seconds and just approached the service counter, and it sounded like a train hit the building,” Scott said.

“Instantly, a few ceiling tiles dropped in a matter of seconds and the rest of it came down.”

Scott shielded his son from the falling debris as he scrambled toward the nearest exit.

“I managed to grab him [Aiden] and we went out the first bay door. One of the employees grabbed my son and brought him outside and came back and managed to get me out.”

Capt. Chad Priebe of Spruce Grove Fire Services said Scott got his son out just in time.

“There was a worker outside, so he actually passed his kid through the door to the worker as the building came down.”

Corey Scott suffered three hairline fractures in his ribs, shoulder pain and a bruised lung. His son Aiden was not hurt.

(Via the CBC News)

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