The Ultimate Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Situational Internet Resource List

This is a growing list of online resources from around the globe the provide the detailed, 24 hour coverage of the Japan disasters. If you are aware of additional resources that may be of use to humanitarian aid and responders please add them to the comments section below. We will be updating this list over the next few days.

Japan Tsunami Live Streaming:

NHK Japan Live:NHK Japan Live
Al Jazeera Japan Live:Al Jazeera Japan Live
ABC News Live:ABC News Live
Associated Press Live:Associated Press Live
Aftonbladet Live:Aftonbladet Live
Expressen Live:Expressen Live
BBC Live:BBC Live
CNN Live:CNN Live
CCTV News China:CCTV News China
Daily Telegraph Live:Daily Telegraph Live
Deutche Welle Live:Deutche Welle Live
France24 Live:France24 Live
Khon2 Hawaii:Khon2 Hawaii
SVT Play Live:SVT Play Live
VG TV Live (Norway):VG TV Live (Norway)

Twitter Real Time Updates:

Twitter #earthquake:Twitter #earthquake
Twitter #japan:Twitter #japan:
Twitter #tsunami:Twitter #tsunami

Tsunami Arrival Times for locations in Pacific Ocean:

Tsunami Arrival Times for locations in Pacific Ocean:Tsunami Arrival Times in Pacific Ocean
Tsunami Arrival for locations USA:Tsunami Arrival for locations USA
Tsunami Travel Times Map:Tsunami Travel Times Map
Time and Date Japan:Time and Date Japan

Japan Tsunami Live Radio:

Vanuatu Island Radio Live:Vanuatu Island Radio Live

Google People Finder Japan:

Google People Finder Japan:Google People Finder Japan

Japan Tsunami YouTube:

YouTube #tsunami:YouTube #tsunami
YouTube Citizentube:YouTube Citizentube

Japan and Hawaii Webcams

Honolulu Webcams:Honolulu Webcams

Japan Earthquake Real-Time Map:

Earthquake Real-Time Map:Earthquake Real-Time Map

Google Maps Japan Earthquake Location Coordinates (38.322N, 142.369E)

Japan Earthquake Location Coordinates:Japan Earthquake Location Coordinates

Tsunami Warnings Center:

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center:Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warnings:West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warningsr

Japan Tsunami News:

NHK World Japan:NHK World Japan
ABC News Live:ABC News Live
BBC Japan:BBC Japan
CBS News:CBS News
Channel 4 News:Channel 4 News
CNN Japan:CNN Japan
Daily Telegraph (Australia):Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Fox News:Fox News
Google News:Google News
Guardian Japan:Guardian Japan
New York Times Japan:New York Times Japan
NPR Japan:NPR Japan
Reuters Japan:Reuters Japan
R7 (Brasil):R7 (Brasil)
Sky News Japan:Sky News Japan
Sydney Morning Herald:Sydney Morning Herald
The Japan Times:The Japan Times
Yahoo News:Yahoo News

Hawaii News:

Hawaii Evacuation Map:Hawaii Evacuation Map
Hawaii News Now:Hawaii News Now

Indonesia News:

Jakarta Globe:Jakarta Globe
Jakarta Post:Jakarta Post
Viva News:Viva News

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