NYC Law Firm Throws Firefighter & Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Under The Bus! has obtained a copy of the debut flyer that was provided inside the gift bags at the 2011 World Police & Fire Games fundraiser last week. The 8.5″ x 11″ handout depicts Firefighter Robert Keiley stricken with ailments as a 9/11 FDNY rescuer when in actuality he wasn’t employed until 2004.

According to a blog post earlier today by and a the New York Post, Keiley is upset that a photo he modeled for in 2010 was used by an ad agency for Worby Groner Edelman & Napoli Bern LLP depicting him as someone he was not. According to Robert, the original photo he modeled for had him holding a fire helmet and not of the photo of the twin towers shown in the flyer below. You can read more about his claims at the two links above.

Another person that has yet to be mentioned in any of the news articles or blog posts is The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart who fought extensively for the Zadroga Bill providing coverage for the 9/11 rescuers. The ad agency conveniently adding a statement at the bottom of the flyer “A special thank you to Jon Stewart for his efforts on the Zadroga Bill” making an attempt to ride on the coat tails of the popular cable star.

Jon Stewart was a featured speaker at the World Police & Fire Games Gala Event where this flyer first appeared.

The ad agency has fired back stating that Robert had signed a model release in exchange for a $350 payment thus giving the company full rights to do whatever they wish with the photo.

Below is a photo of the debut flyer obtained by that was inserted into gift bags at the 2011 World Police & Fire Games Gala Event.

The rock group Evanescence wrote a song a while back hitting on this very subject of advertising. Looks like Robert fell victim to the world of lies …

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