Get A Grip! Apparently It’s Illegal To Touch Yourself In A Walgreen’s Parking Lot?

Turns out that you can’t fondle yourself in a Walgreen’s parking lot and ask a woman (with an infant) to touch your genitals for money. It’s against the law. Just ask FF Joseph Phillips of the Collingdale (PA) Fire Department. The incident occurred in the lot on Chester Pike near MacDade Boulevard in Darby outside of Philadelphia. Phillips allegedly told the woman that she aroused him and that he was unhappily married.

Well, as pickup lines go that one didn’t work out so well and he was subsequently arrested. Phillips was charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, and other related offenses. He faces a hearing on Wednesday (Mar 30).

We found Joseph Phillips listed on the Collingdale Fire Department website listed as a life member of 22 years. However, a subsequent check of his member page shows the department has since removed him from this site this morning. Before being pulled from the site we discovered that Phillips worked as a bartender and gravedigger – surely a recipe for disaster.

More from the NBC News affliliate in Philadelphia ….

Maybe this was playing in his car …
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