Dallas Fire-Rescue Changes Website To Rainbows Over SideCharlie Blog Post

Well, what do ya know? After our first blog post and subsequent follow-ups asking that the photo on the front of Dallas Fire-Rescue’s website be changed – it finally happened. The original full size photo showing a firefighter not wearing any respiratory protection while surrounded in smoke with a link to their Respiratory Protection Program has been replaced with rainbows … and the removal of the respiratory program link. Coincidence? We think not!

So today we PRAISE the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department for understanding our initial blog post in all its irony. Though, looking at the pretty rainbow picture we have suddenly have images in our head of a Miller Light commercial telling someone in Dallas to ‘Man Up!’, but we digress.

In the age of health programs, safety officers and the best respiratory protections in any occupation, we publicly thank the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department for the website change. If we are to preach safety to the line firefighters, we must reflect it on all other aspects of the department. Great job Dallas!

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