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New Device Lets You Turn Your Cellphone Into A Satellite Communicator!

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[fblike]Another gadget from CES that may be of interest to those in the emergency services is the inexpensive SPOT Communicator. The little device connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and allows you to call for help, update Facebook and Twitter, send global satellite messages and transmit your coordinates from anywhere.

VIDEO: Be The Firehouse Sudoku King With This Smartphone App!

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[fblike]The Google Goggles app for iPhone and Android phones was updated today. While that may not seem very exciting, some of the newest features may be the most fun to date. Not only is the barcode scanning improved, but Google Goggles has become the best Sukoku player ever!

Lady Gaga Demos New Field Photo Printing

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[fblike]This isn’t your fire chief’s fathers Polaroid camera! Polaroid introduced some new portable, digital equipment that may be of use to the emergency services personnel. Products introduced yesterday include the GL20 picture-taking sunglasses and the GL10 mobile wireless printer. Polaroid’s Creative Director Lady Gaga was on hand to demo the products at the Consumer Electronics […]

This ‘Fire Fighter’ Game Must Self Destruct

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Is it possible that I’ve become more and more particular about my game apps for my Android phone especially those that charge a fee? When I can get Angry Birds for FREE or any of the HD apps for my iPad from EA Games at only 99 cents I expect more and more from any […]

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