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Cleveland Fire Department’s Lt. Kevin Brady Survives Heart Attack, Sought Out Help

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Instead of ignoring it he told a paramedic in the station who hooked him up to the monitor to discover he was having a heart attack.

NYC Law Firm Throws Firefighter & Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Under The Bus!

Entry Img has obtained a copy of the debut flyer that was provided inside the gift bags at the 2011 World Police & Fire Games fundraiser last week. The 8.5″ x 11″ handout depicts Firefighter Robert Keiley stricken with ailments as a 9/11 FDNY rescuer when in actuality he wasn’t employed until 2004.

Several Career Firefighters Posting Their YouTube Cures For Cysts And Dislocations?

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[fblike]We have no idea who kmworden87 is on YouTube, but we have figured out this much – they are career firefighters. We stumbled upon their video (with 8 views) showing an obvious dislocated toe and ‘two C shift boys’ popped it back into place. Another video below shows the crew using 18g IV catheter needles […]

Lady Gaga Demos New Field Photo Printing

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[fblike]This isn’t your fire chief’s fathers Polaroid camera! Polaroid introduced some new portable, digital equipment that may be of use to the emergency services personnel. Products introduced yesterday include the GL20 picture-taking sunglasses and the GL10 mobile wireless printer. Polaroid’s Creative Director Lady Gaga was on hand to demo the products at the Consumer Electronics […]

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