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Cleveland Fire Department’s Lt. Kevin Brady Survives Heart Attack, Sought Out Help

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Instead of ignoring it he told a paramedic in the station who hooked him up to the monitor to discover he was having a heart attack.

San Antonio Fire Captain Gets 60 Days Suspension Over Reckless Fire Response

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Fire Chief Charles Hood of the San Antonio Fire Department suspended three firefighters for traveling at an unsafe speed and not buckling up while racing to a fire on the Northwest Side last year. Firefighter Robert Arranaga, 30, was trapped and hospitalized with a broken neck and remains on medical leave. The crash destroyed Ladder […]

RAW VIDEO: Dramatic Apartment Fire Flare Up Thanks To A Dry California Tree

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Typical dry California tree which dramatically helps spread the fire.

VIDEOS: The BEST and WORST Methods Firefighters Talk Safety To School Kids

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These videos were posted over the weekend by regular, everyday citizens and their Android phones. It shows two COMPLETELY different methods of delivery the safety message to kids at school. The beauty of these videos is that they show what is really going on out there, get new ideas and change the way we do […]

WTF VIDEO: This Is How They Do Fire Station Open House’s In Germany?

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This was just posted to YouTube by new user (wossi1712) out of Germany. The description states this video is from the Mannheim Fire Department Open House. They had a ‘Firemen of the Future’ fashion show where an oiled up firefighter wearing only bunker pants and a helmet struts down the runway with a thermal imager? […]

Dramatic Video Of Apartment Fire Before Firefighters Arrive, People Feared Trapped

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[fblike]Dramatic video provided to KOCO-TV News of a large apartment complex fire at the Quail Ridge apartments in northwest Oklahoma City back on Jan. 11, 2011. No fire department units are on the scene. Several items to note: At 0:02 you will see the attic vent out of the gable end. At 0:25 a panic […]

ONLINE DEAL: $10 for 4 Tickets to the Denver Firefighters Museum, 58% Off!

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[fblike]Here is a great deal if you live in or plan on visiting the Denver metro area. Today on the website you can get 4 tickets to the Denver Firefighters Museum for just $10! That’s 58% off the regular cost of $24. While not a huge cost savings, it’s still a great deal and […]

YouTubers Burning Their Christmas Trees A New Post-Holiday Tradition?

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[fblike]There seems to be a new annual trend on YouTube consisting of homeowners armed with Flip video cameras burning their Christmas trees in the backyard. As many times as I’ve seen the fire department pre-Christmas fire safety demonstrations of burning a tree, nothing compares to seeing the 30 second flare ups of a post-holiday tree.

New Sony Handycam w/ Built-In Projector

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[fblike]The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is like porn to many of us. Weeding through the gadgets separating what’s ‘neat’ from what’s useful can be difficult. However, Sony has come up with something that could be of use to us in the emergency services.

2010 Firefighter Deaths A Record Low

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[fblike]2010 saw the fewest on-duty firefighter deaths according to the United States Fire Administraton (USFA) since 1977 when data was initially collected. The initial report shows a total of 85 deaths with 15 of those classified as Hometown Heroes.

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