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NYC Law Firm Throws Firefighter & Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Under The Bus!

Entry Img has obtained a copy of the debut flyer that was provided inside the gift bags at the 2011 World Police & Fire Games fundraiser last week. The 8.5″ x 11″ handout depicts Firefighter Robert Keiley stricken with ailments as a 9/11 FDNY rescuer when in actuality he wasn’t employed until 2004.

San Antonio Fire Captain Gets 60 Days Suspension Over Reckless Fire Response

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Fire Chief Charles Hood of the San Antonio Fire Department suspended three firefighters for traveling at an unsafe speed and not buckling up while racing to a fire on the Northwest Side last year. Firefighter Robert Arranaga, 30, was trapped and hospitalized with a broken neck and remains on medical leave. The crash destroyed Ladder […]

Nevada Firefighter Makes $232,187 By Using Sick Leave And Working Overtime

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This goes in the category of ‘Who didn’t see this coming?’ A Clark County Nevada commissioner is calling for a criminal investigation into possible abuse of the sick leave and overtime systems by firefighters. This on the heals of an arbitrator chose Clark County’s new contract deal over IAFF Local 1908′s version which calls for […]

SHOT OF THE DAY: Baltimore Firefighters Protest Pay Decrease At City Hall

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[fblike] Baltimore City firefighters and police at a news conference in front of City Hall last Friday (Jan. 7). They were protesting their pay cuts as part of the city’s attempt to balance the budget. (via Flikr and The Daily Record/Rich Dennison)

New Jersey Pension Board Says Former Harrison Firefighter Is ‘A Cheat, Fraud’

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[fblike]Former firefighter Herman Ellis has balls. That’s right. Huge balls. To retire on disability in November 2008 at $2,500 per month moving to Raleigh, NC to work as a firefighter at a salary of $37,000 a year – yes this takes balls. What we have here is a guy stealing from both the government and […]

Feds Forcing Guam Fire Department To Use Scout Units As Front Line Apparatus

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[fblike]KUAM News is reporting this morning that the Guam Fire Department may lose a precious $1.2 million dollar grant awarded 2 YEARS AGO from the Interior Department for new fire apparatus. The United States GSA and the Attorney General’s Office appear to be dragging it’s feet keeping the process from going through. This delay may […]

2010 Firefighter Deaths A Record Low

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[fblike]2010 saw the fewest on-duty firefighter deaths according to the United States Fire Administraton (USFA) since 1977 when data was initially collected. The initial report shows a total of 85 deaths with 15 of those classified as Hometown Heroes.

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