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San Antonio Fire Captain Gets 60 Days Suspension Over Reckless Fire Response

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Fire Chief Charles Hood of the San Antonio Fire Department suspended three firefighters for traveling at an unsafe speed and not buckling up while racing to a fire on the Northwest Side last year. Firefighter Robert Arranaga, 30, was trapped and hospitalized with a broken neck and remains on medical leave. The crash destroyed Ladder […]

The Ultimate Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Situational Internet Resource List

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his is a growing list of online resources from around the globe the provide the detailed, 24 hour coverage of the Japan disasters.

Mayday Audio Of Baltimore County Firefighter Tragic LODD In Fire 1/19/2011

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Firefighter Mark Falkenhan, 43, was killed last night after becoming trapped and calling a mayday during an apartmentment fire where he suffered massive burns. He leaves behind his wife and 2 children. He was a member of the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company. Radio traffic audio available after the jump

Incredible Time-Lapse Video Of Today’s Powderhorn Mountain Ski Lodge Fire

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[fblike]Here is an incredible video by YouTube user G2SKATE using time-lapse videography of the Powderhorn Mountain Ski Lodge that burned down earlier today. The lodge is located in Ironwood, Michigan.

New Device Lets You Turn Your Cellphone Into A Satellite Communicator!

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[fblike]Another gadget from CES that may be of interest to those in the emergency services is the inexpensive SPOT Communicator. The little device connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and allows you to call for help, update Facebook and Twitter, send global satellite messages and transmit your coordinates from anywhere.

Oregon Fire Chief Cited In Crash That Destroyed Two Vehicles

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[fblike]The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says that Fire District 1 Chief Kevin Henson has been found at fault for a crash while responding to a commercial fire on Dec. 31. An electronic data recorder inside Chief Henson’s SUV state he was traveling 62 mph in a 45 mph at the time of the crash. The […]

VIDEO: Summertime Blaze Burns New Zealand School To The Ground

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[fblike]A massive fire ripped into 12 buildings at the Auckland’s Glendowie Primary School in New Zealand burning them to the ground. The fire has been determined to be arson. The summertime blaze brought 80 firefighters to the scene. No injuries were reported.

This Data Drive Might Be Firefighter Proof

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[fblike]There is a new portable data drive on the marketing from ioSafe. The manufacturer makes all of the standard claims, but goes the step further by proving it! At the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday, ioSafe demoed their drive by dunking it in water, dropping it, and even shooting at it with a shotgun!

Is ‘Surface’ In Your Ops Centers Future?

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[fblike]I remember seeing Microsoft Surface early last year for the first time. It was bulky, expensive, and one of those tech things that you never see become reality. That’s about to change. At the Consumer Electronic Show yesterday, Microsoft revealed the next generation of Surface. Only this time we have a manufacturer and a price.

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