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SHOT OF THE DAY: Firefighters Training On The Missile Destroyer USS Stockdale

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[fblike]PACIFIC OCEAN (Jan. 15, 2011) – Damage Controlman Fireman Justin Barton uses a naval firefighter’s thermal imager to lead a hose team through smoke to fight a simulated class alpha fire during a flying squad drill aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Stockdale (DDG 106). Photo courtesy of the U.S. Navy. Send us […]

Brotherhood Instructors Quick Video: Forcible Entry Using The Rex Tool

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[fblike]Our friends over at Brotherhood Instructors posted a new, very quick :44 second video demonstrating how to properly use the Rex Tool as a method of ‘through the lock’ forcible entry. Their YouTube channel (BrotherhoodInstrctrs) should be subscribed to due to the excellent quality of their videos. What’s so great about the vids? They get […]

New From Firefighter Tools: The Firefighter Pocket Caddy Protects Your Gear [Video]

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[fblike]We came across this new video posted on YouTube (by DoworkLT) this morning by a company (owned by a firefighter) called Firefighter Tools. They have a new tool holster called the Pocket Caddy. The video says it is constructed of long lasting Kydex. The Caddy comes with the most commonly used tools (center punch and […]

New Device Lets You Turn Your Cellphone Into A Satellite Communicator!

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[fblike]Another gadget from CES that may be of interest to those in the emergency services is the inexpensive SPOT Communicator. The little device connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and allows you to call for help, update Facebook and Twitter, send global satellite messages and transmit your coordinates from anywhere.

New Sony Handycam w/ Built-In Projector

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[fblike]The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is like porn to many of us. Weeding through the gadgets separating what’s ‘neat’ from what’s useful can be difficult. However, Sony has come up with something that could be of use to us in the emergency services.

Tom Horne Invents ‘Jake Knife’ Tool

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[fblike]Tom Horne of Spokane Washington just posted his demo YouTube video of the new Jake Knife firefighter tool. Before we talk about the knife we must comment on the video. Tom is definitely your average Joe. This guy couldn’t be more personable. As a matter of fact, Tom is downright humorous in his own little […]

Lady Gaga Demos New Field Photo Printing

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[fblike]This isn’t your fire chief’s fathers Polaroid camera! Polaroid introduced some new portable, digital equipment that may be of use to the emergency services personnel. Products introduced yesterday include the GL20 picture-taking sunglasses and the GL10 mobile wireless printer. Polaroid’s Creative Director Lady Gaga was on hand to demo the products at the Consumer Electronics […]

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