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Get A Grip! Apparently It’s Illegal To Touch Yourself In A Walgreen’s Parking Lot?

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Turns out that you can’t fondle yourself in a Walgreen’s parking lot and ask a woman (with an infant) to touch your genitals for money. It’s against the law. Just ask FF Joseph Phillips of the Collingdale (PA) Fire Department. The incident occurred in the lot on Chester Pike near MacDade Boulevard in Darby outside […]

New Jersey Pension Board Says Former Harrison Firefighter Is ‘A Cheat, Fraud’

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[fblike]Former firefighter Herman Ellis has balls. That’s right. Huge balls. To retire on disability in November 2008 at $2,500 per month moving to Raleigh, NC to work as a firefighter at a salary of $37,000 a year – yes this takes balls. What we have here is a guy stealing from both the government and […]

‘Diaper Fetish’ Firefighter’s Off-Duty Actions Puts His Department In The News

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[fblike]New this morning: CBS4 in Denver is reporting that the Mountain View Fire Protection District’s PIO is on administrative leave following his arrest for sexual assault. The arrest affidavit states that he had diaper fetish over the last year that possibly contributed to his actions and the loss of his marriage. As a result, his […]

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