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Gilroy Fire Department (CA) Firefighters Post Series Of Prank Videos On YouTube

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Looks like someone over at the Gilroy Fire Department in California got a new video camera! Youtube account holder RJSILVIAJR (we will assume the firefighters last name is Silvia Jr) posted six simple pranks performed around the station. While simple in nature we over at SideCharlie.com got a good laugh from them anyway! Check out […]

Several Career Firefighters Posting Their YouTube Cures For Cysts And Dislocations?

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[fblike]We have no idea who kmworden87 is on YouTube, but we have figured out this much – they are career firefighters. We stumbled upon their video (with 8 views) showing an obvious dislocated toe and ‘two C shift boys’ popped it back into place. Another video below shows the crew using 18g IV catheter needles […]

Firefighters Rescue Oklahoma Boy, Tongue Frozen To Pole

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[fblike]Yep, it happens. FOX affiliate in Austin is reporting this morning that an Oklahoma boy is recovering today after his tongue became frozen to a metal pole. Firefighters responded early yesterday morning to find the 8 year old boy on his tippy toes stuck to the pole.

Safety Officer Alert: When The Guys At The Station See This Video … Watch Out!

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[fblike]The 2011 Jetlev Flyer is now available for purchase. That’s all well and good for average people. However, further examination of this new recreational vehicle tells me that a fire station shift of 5-8 could put this together in about 2 hours flat. I’m thinking a pumper, 4″ supply line, an empty SCBA bracket, a […]

How Winona Ryder Is Much Like Many Older Guys In The Fire Service We Know …

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[fblike]Because you probably were watching Auburn football last night you may have missed Winona Ryder on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Watching this NBC video clip reminds me of many old school guys in the fire department. How? Her knowledge of technology – or lack thereof. She doesn’t own a computer and she’s terrified of […]

SHOT OF THE DAY: If Only American Deer Were So Athletic

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[fblike]Only in Sweden could a driver be so lucky! A 16 year old happened to snap this photo of a moose jumping over the oncoming Volvo wagon. American deer are so lame and stupid that they either run into the side of your car or leap just high enough to fly into the windshield. (Photo […]

‘EMERGENCY 2012′ Video Game Has The Most Un-Realistic Scenarios Ever

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[fblike][Download the demo below] It was a very slow week for video game releases. Think about it though – who in their right mind would release a game two weeks AFTER Christmas? The Germans of course! Deep Silver Studios has released EMERGENCY 2012 for both the PC and Nintendo DS. From what we can tell […]

Is It Good To Microwave A Fire Alarm?

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[fblike]WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT THE FIRE STATION HOME KIDS. You’re done reading the morning paper, been through 2 cups of cheap Maxwell House coffee, and you’re thinking, “What would happen if I microwaved a fire alarm?” We’ve thought the same thing many times ourselves.

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