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Ford Announces New All Electric Vehicle

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[fblike]Ford has made it official. The Ford Focus will also be available as a full fledged EV to compete directly with the Nissan Leaf and the extended range Chevy Volt. We don’t have pricing information as of yet, but according to the Ford press release it will be ‘competitive’.

Lady Gaga Demos New Field Photo Printing

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[fblike]This isn’t your fire chief’s fathers Polaroid camera! Polaroid introduced some new portable, digital equipment that may be of use to the emergency services personnel. Products introduced yesterday include the GL20 picture-taking sunglasses and the GL10 mobile wireless printer. Polaroid’s Creative Director Lady Gaga was on hand to demo the products at the Consumer Electronics […]

Portland Fire Goes Above And Beyond!

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[fblike]Portland Fire & Rescue – 26-year old Cody Hermeling is lucky to be alive. Just after 6:20 pm on September 2, 2010, a vehicle traveling northbound on Highway 30 hit Cody’s Subaru head-on, causing Cody’s vehicle to be propelled into a nearby ditch. Cody’s vehicle came to rest on the driver’s side, pinning him in […]

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