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Dallas Fire-Rescue Changes Website To Rainbows Over SideCharlie Blog Post

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Well, what do ya know? After our first blog post and subsequent follow-ups asking that the photo on the front of Dallas Fire-Rescue’s website be changed – it finally happened. The original full size photo showing a firefighter not wearing any respiratory protection while surrounded in smoke with a link to their Respiratory Protection Program […]

Naugatuck Firefighter Running Empire State Building Stair Race For A Disabled Vet

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[fblike]We just found out about Naugatuck Firefighter Tim Andrew who will be running the Empire State Building Stair Race for a disabled Connecticut veteran. The man, Bob Veillette, suffered a stroke that has paralyzed him from the nose down. The race on February 1st involves running up 86 flights of stairs, a total of 1,576 […]

Firefighter Fitness Course You Can Do Right In Your Fire Station [Video]

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YouTuber TheFirehouse66 posted this seven minute video of a suggested firefighter obstacle course as a workout. The course uses fire department equipment that any station would have on hand. Check out the video demo after the jump.

NY TIMES: FDNY Firefighter Roy Chelsen Recalled As A Leader On 9/11

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[fblike]This past Sunday, FF Roy W. Chelsen of FDNY Engine Company 28 died as a result of multiple myeloma, a cancer that many link to his incredible work on 9/11. He is also the first firefighter to die after the signing of the 9/11 Health Law. Today in the New York Times is an incredible […]

New Jersey Pension Board Says Former Harrison Firefighter Is ‘A Cheat, Fraud’

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[fblike]Former firefighter Herman Ellis has balls. That’s right. Huge balls. To retire on disability in November 2008 at $2,500 per month moving to Raleigh, NC to work as a firefighter at a salary of $37,000 a year – yes this takes balls. What we have here is a guy stealing from both the government and […]

‘Diaper Fetish’ Firefighter’s Off-Duty Actions Puts His Department In The News

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[fblike]New this morning: CBS4 in Denver is reporting that the Mountain View Fire Protection District’s PIO is on administrative leave following his arrest for sexual assault. The arrest affidavit states that he had diaper fetish over the last year that possibly contributed to his actions and the loss of his marriage. As a result, his […]

Two New Bills To Address Steroid Use By New Jersey Firefighters

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[fblike]Today in New Jersey, a state assemblyman will unveil legislation that will require law enforcement and firefighters to undergo fitness for duty evals if they are prescribed anabolic steroids or human growth hormone. Another bill will urge the Attorney General to add steroids to the list of substances that can be randomly tested for.

New Fitness Device Aimed At Firefighters

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[fblike]There is a new piece of exercise equipment coming to market on January 11, 2011 that may be of interest to firefighters. It’s called the SledBarrow. The SledBarrow claims that it is a three-in-one conditioning system that combines the power of a drag sled, drive sled and a training wheelbarrow all into one unique design.

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