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Gilroy Fire Department (CA) Firefighters Post Series Of Prank Videos On YouTube

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Looks like someone over at the Gilroy Fire Department in California got a new video camera! Youtube account holder RJSILVIAJR (we will assume the firefighters last name is Silvia Jr) posted six simple pranks performed around the station. While simple in nature we over at SideCharlie.com got a good laugh from them anyway! Check out […]

SHOT OF THE DAY: If Only American Deer Were So Athletic

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[fblike]Only in Sweden could a driver be so lucky! A 16 year old happened to snap this photo of a moose jumping over the oncoming Volvo wagon. American deer are so lame and stupid that they either run into the side of your car or leap just high enough to fly into the windshield. (Photo […]

Is It Good To Microwave A Fire Alarm?

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[fblike]WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT THE FIRE STATION HOME KIDS. You’re done reading the morning paper, been through 2 cups of cheap Maxwell House coffee, and you’re thinking, “What would happen if I microwaved a fire alarm?” We’ve thought the same thing many times ourselves.

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