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Caught On Video: Kingsport (TN) Firefighters Rescue Woman From River

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Kingsport Tennessee firefighters were dispatched to a woman stranded on the roof of her car in the middle of the Holston River. Witnesses state the driver drove down a hill and into the river without ever slowing down. Our guess is that she was updating her status on Facebook. The entire rescue was caught on […]

Quick Thinking Canadian Firefighter Injured Saving His Son During Roof Collapse

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[fblike]Off-duty professional firefighter Corey Scott suffered minor injuries after a snow-laden roof collapsed on them Friday in Spruce Grove, Alberta. His five-year-old son was not hurt as Corey shielded him from the falling debris as they escaped.

Dramatic Amateur Video Of St. Louis Car Fire, Firefighters Rescue Victim!

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[fblike]Dramatic amateur video posted today by YouTuber bmazanec of an apparent car fire in St. Louis. Upon arrival of the St Louis Fire Department Pumper 4 (A Shift) they discover someone is still in the car. The entire event is caught on video. There is no date of the actual incident mentioned in the video […]

Dramatic Video Of Apartment Fire Before Firefighters Arrive, People Feared Trapped

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[fblike]Dramatic video provided to KOCO-TV News of a large apartment complex fire at the Quail Ridge apartments in northwest Oklahoma City back on Jan. 11, 2011. No fire department units are on the scene. Several items to note: At 0:02 you will see the attic vent out of the gable end. At 0:25 a panic […]

Firefighters Rescue Oklahoma Boy, Tongue Frozen To Pole

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[fblike]Yep, it happens. FOX affiliate in Austin is reporting this morning that an Oklahoma boy is recovering today after his tongue became frozen to a metal pole. Firefighters responded early yesterday morning to find the 8 year old boy on his tippy toes stuck to the pole.

FDNY 238 Skips Lunch To Rescue Kitten

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[fblike]Kudos go out to FDNY firehouse 238 for letting their deli sandwiches get cold in the fire truck to help rescue a kitten trapped in a wall at Assemblyman Joe Lentol’s office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn today. An email detailing the story was sent out to constituents and republished in several outlets including the NY Times […]

Portland Fire Goes Above And Beyond!

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[fblike]Portland Fire & Rescue – 26-year old Cody Hermeling is lucky to be alive. Just after 6:20 pm on September 2, 2010, a vehicle traveling northbound on Highway 30 hit Cody’s Subaru head-on, causing Cody’s vehicle to be propelled into a nearby ditch. Cody’s vehicle came to rest on the driver’s side, pinning him in […]

Video: Polish Firefighters Rescue Deer

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[fblike]Pretty amazing video today of a deer stranded on a small slab of ice drifting in the Baltic Sea. It is thought that the deer had been scared by dogs, which caused it to run onto the ice. According to the Tryton fire rescue team, the deer was doing well and was expected to be […]

Man Designs An Escalator Fire Truck

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[fblike]A retired man believes he has come up with a better mouse trap … or should we say a better ladder truck? According to an article at Gizmodo Australia, ladder trucks haven’t changed much since they were deployed back in the 1880s. Denison told Gizmodo that “It’s ridiculous to climb up, put someone on your […]

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