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The Ultimate Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Situational Internet Resource List

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his is a growing list of online resources from around the globe the provide the detailed, 24 hour coverage of the Japan disasters.

Will Google’s Global Science Fair Discover The Next Great Life Safety Device?

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[fblike]I would venture a guess and say that almost every science fair has at least one experiment dealing with some aspect of Fire Science or life safety. That is why we are going to keep a very close eye on something the folks at Google are doing: The Google Global Science Fair 2011.

New Device Lets You Turn Your Cellphone Into A Satellite Communicator!

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[fblike]Another gadget from CES that may be of interest to those in the emergency services is the inexpensive SPOT Communicator. The little device connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and allows you to call for help, update Facebook and Twitter, send global satellite messages and transmit your coordinates from anywhere.

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