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Caught On Video: Kingsport (TN) Firefighters Rescue Woman From River

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Kingsport Tennessee firefighters were dispatched to a woman stranded on the roof of her car in the middle of the Holston River. Witnesses state the driver drove down a hill and into the river without ever slowing down. Our guess is that she was updating her status on Facebook. The entire rescue was caught on […]

Safety Officer Alert: When The Guys At The Station See This Video … Watch Out!

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[fblike]The 2011 Jetlev Flyer is now available for purchase. That’s all well and good for average people. However, further examination of this new recreational vehicle tells me that a fire station shift of 5-8 could put this together in about 2 hours flat. I’m thinking a pumper, 4″ supply line, an empty SCBA bracket, a […]

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