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Gilroy Fire Department (CA) Firefighters Post Series Of Prank Videos On YouTube

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Looks like someone over at the Gilroy Fire Department in California got a new video camera! Youtube account holder RJSILVIAJR (we will assume the firefighters last name is Silvia Jr) posted six simple pranks performed around the station. While simple in nature we over at SideCharlie.com got a good laugh from them anyway! Check out […]

RAW VIDEO: Early Morning Los Angeles Fire Caught On Video By Neighbor

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An early morning fire out in Los Angeles caught by a citizen across the street from 1324 N. Sunderland Street in Echo Park. As first reported by the Fire Critic over the weekend this fire took 17 minutes to bring under control with 32 firefighters.

VIDEO: Fire Cat Slides Down The Fire Pole!

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[fblike]Here’s something interesting for your Sunday afternoon. Check out this video of Mickey the Fire Cat from Fire Station 10 in Minneapolis who loves using the fire pole …

VIDEO: Prince Georges County MD Fire Chief Completes CPAT As Promised

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[fblike]Acting Fire Chief Mark Bashoor successfully negotiated the CPAT (Candidates Physical Abilities Test) on a recent visit to the test site. The Prince Georges County Fire Department posted the video on YouTube. Chief Bashoor began his tenure in early December 2010.

WTF VIDEO: This Is How They Do Fire Station Open House’s In Germany?

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This was just posted to YouTube by new user (wossi1712) out of Germany. The description states this video is from the Mannheim Fire Department Open House. They had a ‘Firemen of the Future’ fashion show where an oiled up firefighter wearing only bunker pants and a helmet struts down the runway with a thermal imager? […]

Dramatic Video Of Apartment Fire Before Firefighters Arrive, People Feared Trapped

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[fblike]Dramatic video provided to KOCO-TV News of a large apartment complex fire at the Quail Ridge apartments in northwest Oklahoma City back on Jan. 11, 2011. No fire department units are on the scene. Several items to note: At 0:02 you will see the attic vent out of the gable end. At 0:25 a panic […]

Incredible Time-Lapse Video Of Today’s Powderhorn Mountain Ski Lodge Fire

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[fblike]Here is an incredible video by YouTube user G2SKATE using time-lapse videography of the Powderhorn Mountain Ski Lodge that burned down earlier today. The lodge is located in Ironwood, Michigan.

Several Career Firefighters Posting Their YouTube Cures For Cysts And Dislocations?

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[fblike]We have no idea who kmworden87 is on YouTube, but we have figured out this much – they are career firefighters. We stumbled upon their video (with 8 views) showing an obvious dislocated toe and ‘two C shift boys’ popped it back into place. Another video below shows the crew using 18g IV catheter needles […]

VIDEO: Be The Firehouse Sudoku King With This Smartphone App!

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[fblike]The Google Goggles app for iPhone and Android phones was updated today. While that may not seem very exciting, some of the newest features may be the most fun to date. Not only is the barcode scanning improved, but Google Goggles has become the best Sukoku player ever!

Is It Good To Microwave A Fire Alarm?

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[fblike]WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT THE FIRE STATION HOME KIDS. You’re done reading the morning paper, been through 2 cups of cheap Maxwell House coffee, and you’re thinking, “What would happen if I microwaved a fire alarm?” We’ve thought the same thing many times ourselves.

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